Mathematical Behavioral Sciences
Conferences and Workshops




PAUL KAY, Linguistics, UCB and TERRY REGIER, Psychology, University of Chicago - "Relativity vs. universals: an obsolete dichotomy"


GREG ASHBY, Psychology, UCSB - "The neurobiology of perceptual categorization: From learning to automaticity"

TOM GRIFFITHS, Psychology, UCB - "Analyzing cultural evolution by iterated learning"


PARTHA NIYOGI, Computer Science, University of Chicago – "The Computational Nature of Language Learning and Evolution"


LUC STEELS, SONY, Paris - "Multi-Agent Models of Category Formation"


JAY McCLELLAND, Psychology, Stanford – "Representation, Development and Disintegration of Conceptual Knowledge: A Parallel- Distributed Processing Approach"


KIMBERLY JAMESON, Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UCI and NATALIA KOMAROVA, Mathematics, UCI - Agent-based color categorization: the role of population and color-stimulus heterogeneities"


ANDREA BARONCHELLI, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - "Cultural route to the emergence of linguistic categories" (Baronchelli)"


LISA PEARL, Cognitive Sciences, UCI – "Learning-driven linguistic evolution"


RORY SMEAD, Logic and Philosophy of Science, UCI - "Indirect Reciprocity and the Evolution of 'Moral Signals"


MICHAEL LEE, Cognitive Sciences, UCI (co-author Wolf Vanpaemel, University of Leuven) - "Using hierarchical Bayesian modeling to help understand the generation and representation of categories"




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