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BEHAVIOR IN AND ON NETWORKS - January 21-23, 2011

  • Opening Remarks by DONALD SAARI, Director of IMBS - video video
  • MATTHEW O. JACKSON, Economics, Stanford – “Network patterns of favor exchange” - video video
  • MARK HANDCOCK, Statistics, UCLA – “Modeling networks when data is missing or sampled” - video video
  • JURE LESKOVEC, Computer Sciences, Stanford – “The Role of Positive and Negative
    Links in Online Social Networks”
    - video video
  • MARKUS MOBIUS, Economics, Iowa State – “Experiments on Trust and Risk-Sharing in Social Networks" - video video
  • CARTER BUTTS, Sociology, UCI – “A Formal Method for Bounding the Behavior of General Network Models” - video video
  • LORI BEAMAN, Economics, Northwestern – “Who gets the job referral? Evidence from a social networks experiment” - video video
  • ATHINA MARKOPOULOU, Engineering, UCI – “Measurement of Online Social Networks" - video video
  • EMMA SPIRO, Sociology, UCI – “Extended Structures of Mediation” - video video
  • CHRISTOPHER DUBOIS, Statistics, UCI - “Bayesian Laten Set Models for Co-appearance Data” - video video
  • WILLEMIEN KETS, IMBS, UCI – “Inequality and Network Structure” - video video

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